RE: At Stapleford Community Primary School, we follow the Cambridgeshire syllabus for RE, as laid down by Sacre. We enrich the curriculum, by ensuring we make plenty of visits, invite visitors into school, and by using a range of other resources.



  • Talking about past and present events in their lives.
  • Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the place where they live or the natural world.
  • Looks closely as similarities, differences in relation to places.
  • They talk about the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another.
  • Use children’s own heritage.
  • Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the place where they live or the natural world.


Year 1:

Autumn 1 –   Books and stories in Christianity

Autumn 2 –   What is Christmas and why is it important to Christians?

Spring 1 – The family in Christianity

Spring 2 – Why do Christians say the Holy Spirit is important?

Summer 1 –  Sikhism – How does the Khalsa influence the lives of Sikh families?

Summer 2 –  How do stories from gurus and the concept of seva (selflessness) affect children? 


Year 2:

Autumn 1 – Places in Christianity

Autumn 2 – Celebrating Christmas in other places

Spring 1 –   Christian symbols

Spring 2 –   People in Christianity

Summer 1 -Stories and symbols in Sikhism 

Summer 2 – Self and community – Khalsa in Sikhism


Year 3:

Autumn 1 –  Islam – Why is prayer important?

Autumn 2 –  Islamic art

Spring 1 – Pilgrimage

Spring 2 – The Church Year – Easter

Summer 1 – Christianity in Action

Summer 2 – Christian worship


Year 4:

Autumn 1 –   Sacred Books

Autumn 2 –   The Church Year – Christmas

Spring 1 – Judaism – New Starts

Spring 2 – Judaism – What is important for Jews about being part of God’s family?

Summer 1 – Saints

Summer 2 –  Jesus – An inspirational leader


Year 5:

Autumn 1 –   Hinduism – what can the stories and images of deities tell us about Hindu beliefs?

Autumn 2 –   Hinduism – what is a Mandir?

Spring 1 – Creation stories

Spring 2 – Who do the people say I am?

Summer 1 – Christian art

Summer 2 – What is a Church?


Year 6:

Autumn 1 – Similarities and differences in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Autumn 2 – Vellore – What is it like to be  Christian in Vellore?

Spring 1 –   Buddhism -What does it mean to be a Buddhist?

Spring 2 –   The journey of life and death

Summer 1 – Is religion what you say or what you do?

Summer 2 – Humanism – What does it mean to be a Humanist?

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