At Stapleford, we aim for the children in our school to be exposed to our four ‘Big Ideas’ in PSHE. Each year they will encounter learning that will support their understanding and skills in the four following areas: Responsibility, Relationships, Risk and Respect.

We aim for PSHE to be taught thoroughly and regularly, and our teachers have an understanding of the positive impact that this can have. Through clear and purposeful PSHE teaching, we strive to support our children to feel happy and secure in school. Furthermore, with the increased prevalence of mental health and mental illness, we hope all children will have an understanding of what mental health is and have a bank of strategies to support this. Overall, we want children to leave Stapleford feeling emotionally resilient with the confidence to challenge themselves.

“I enjoy PSHE – we all get to have a say.”

“We learn lots about how to deal with problems.”

“It’s fun and it’s good for our future life.”

“I like learning about how to make changes.”




During their time at school, children have the opportunity to follow a programme of Sex and Drugs Education. This programme supports policies that have been prepared by members of the teaching staff, parents, governors and health professionals. Much of the work is incorporated into a variety of cross-curricular topics. It is a planned and continuous programme, which is appropriate to children’s needs and stages of development. Sex and Drugs Education may also be learnt more informally through spontaneous discussion during which children are encouraged to be aware of moral considerations and the value of family relationships. Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of Sex Education other than that which is provided by the National Curriculum.

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