At Stapleford, we are committed to delivering a high quality maths curriculum that focuses on the core elements of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Through our commitment to Mastery, we are linked with the Cambridge Maths Hub through our participation in work groups and leading of them. We use the White Rose Scheme of learning alongside the NCETM PD materials to help inform our planning.

We have started running Maths Cafes to provide extra information about how we teach maths and the strategies used. Although these have been on hold to recent events, we hope these will be able to open up again this year. To develop pupil voice, we also have Year 6 STEM captains who help to run special events across the school.


I am a mathematician

I am a quick quiz computer

and a baller in the billions.

I am a multiplication master

and a division demon.

I am an angle artist

and a fabulous fractionist.

I am astonishing at algebra

and decisive with my decimals.

I am a titan in the trillions

and a megamind in the millions.

I am a mathematician.


Written by a Year 6 pupil

Pupil voice comments

“A subject which you use in daily life all the time. It’s really important that we learn it. It’s about figuring out how to do stuff.” (Y5)

“It’s all linked in a chain – each skill builds and links like a chain does. For example understanding addition helps you to understand subtraction and understanding multiplication helps you to understand division.” (Y6)

“Maths is figuring out different ways to find an answer, exploring, methods, investigating, discovering, problems, numbers.” (Y3)

What is maths? Where do we use maths? Why is maths important? Who uses maths?

Our year 6 STEM captains


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