From time to time, your child may need to take medication while at school.  We are here to help with that, however in order to provide the best possible care, we will need you to fill out a medical form, so that we know when to administer medicine and the dosage.

The form will need to be filled out every time that your child starts a new course of medicine.  Without this, we will be unable to help your child.

The form can be downloaded from the bottom of the page, filled out, and brought in.


Illnesses are part of life, and as a school we recognise that.  There are however certain illnesses and infections that mean your child is not allowed to be in school until they have recovered.   While we know that this may seem difficult for you, the guidelines are set out by Public Health England, to stop certain bugs spreading throughout the classes.

Below is a document which sets out the period of time to be off school for infections, and some helpful tips on how to help with this.

The most common one is vomiting and diarrhoea.  Please note that your child will need to stay home for 48 hours from the last time they were ill.

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