Teaching Staff


Headteacher: Mrs. Laura Rawlings

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. Jayne Hore

SENCo: Mr. Lloyd Douglas


Nursery Class: Miss Lauren Davies

Elm Class (YR): Mrs. Jayne Hore

Willow Class (Y1): Mrs Laura Bonham

Larch Class (Y2): Miss Tasha Hill

Oak Class (Y3): Mrs Maggie Webb/Mr Richard Marchant

Birch Class (Y4): Miss Emma Mason

Ash Class (Y5): Mrs Anna Storer / Mrs Emma Fewster / Miss Katie Street

Pine Class (Y6): Miss Ellis Cooper


Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) cover

Mr. Robin Corpe

Premier Sports

Mrs C Beeton,

Mrs Julie French,

Mrs Sarah Smithies,

Mrs Lavinia Pugh


Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Dr. Charlotte Beeton (L4)

Ms. Sarah Smithies (L4)

Mrs. Julie French (L4)

Mrs. Lavinia Pugh (L4)

Mrs. Rachel Rogers (L4)

Miss Lucy Smith

Mrs. Elaine Williams

Mr. Nathan Graves

Mr. Tommy Brown

Mrs Fiona van Dok

Mr Joe Webb

L4 denotes Higher Level TAs who are qualified to teach classes, for example during teachers’ PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time


Nursery Staff

Mrs. Caroline Sullivan

Mrs. Christine Baines


Anglian Learning Support

Director for Primary Education: Mrs. Prue Rayner

CEO of Anglian Learning: Mr. Jonathan Culpin

Support Staff

Administrative Staff

(Office Manager) Please contact  should you have any queries.

(Finance Officer)

(Admin. Assistant)



Mr. Chris Brown


Midday Supervisors

Mrs. Trish Bond

Mrs. Karen Lloret-Jones

Ms Kate Turner


Stapleford Out of School Club

Mr. Nathan Graves (Manager)

Miss Lucy Smith

Mr. Tommy Brown

Mr. Otto Liu

Mrs. Christine Baines

Miss Eloise Matthewson

Mr. Joe Webb

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