Here is where you can find the homework and information from each class.  There is a gallery of what your children have been doing in class, what the aims for each child by the end of the school year are, and some helpful websites to help your child with their learning at home.

We also have a Nursery for children who are aged 3 and over.  To find out more about how to enroll your child please look in the Nursery tab.

We run a breakfast and after school club, more information, and how to register for this can be found in the SOOSC tab.

At Stapleford we know how important it is to look after the environment, so we have an eco council, which looks at ways we can improve the natural environment of the school, and impact the local area as well.

Our school council help raise money for the school or charities like children in need, through various activities and events.


House captains

Margolyes House                      Newton House                         Lewis House                             Blake House


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