Our new STEM captains have been announced and they have already run our first event of the year. As a school, we worked together to build a mathematical clock. Each class contributed different representations of the numbers from 1-12. Year 6 then continued this as part of a STEM project by designing and making working clocks.

Our year 6 STEM captains

I am …

I am the translate between space and us
because I discover and spread.
I am the rocket launched into space
because I have a curious mind.
I am the planet that orbits the sun
because I am dedicated to my topic
I am the blood and brain of a calculator
because I am great at maths.
I am the shooting star you wish too
because I make my dreams come true.
I am the gravity that pulls us down
because I pull down the knowledge.
Written by a Year 6 pupil

What is maths?

Where do we use maths?

Why is maths important?

Who uses maths?

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