Reading is extremely important in our school and we are passionate that children should have many opportunities to read for pleasure. Our Phonics page on this website explains more about how we teach early reading. 

Each class visits the school library at least once a week. Our library has a plethora of high-quality books to choose from and it is regularly updated with new books.

Whatever age your child is, reading is an important part of their learning.  Not only does it increase their confidence in reading and speed up their recognition of words, but extends into the writing they produce as well, as they have a more extensive vocabulary and imagination for the writing they produce in their class covered topics.

Reception class with their Year 6 reading buddies

We have come up with a list of books that encourage reading for pleasure.  Please see below for the books we recommend based on your child’s year group.
The BookTrust website also has fantastic book lists.

Please also see below our reading progression document as well as resources to support reading at home.

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