Reading and Phonics in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

At Stapleford, we teach phonics using the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds programme in Reception and Year 1. Guided reading is completed three times a week in Reception and Year 1. The children’s progress in phonics is checked every six weeks and their reading books match their current phonic ability. 

At the end of Year 1, children complete a ‘Phonics Screening Check’. From Year 2, the children begin to learn spelling rules and patterns and we do this using The Spelling Book scheme by Jane Considine. Children in Year 2 read with an adult at least once a week, using a range of reading books drawn from more than one reading scheme. These include Oxford Reading Tree, Collins ‘Big Cat’ and Project ‘X’.  

See below for the presentation Mrs Hore delivered at the beginning of the year which explains our phonics and early reading approach, as well as other helpful links and documents.

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