All Year Uniform

We want the children to be proud of their school, and to wear the uniform with pride.


Sensible Black Shoes (worn with socks/tights at all times) Sandals should have toes protected, no flip-flops/crocs, or beach type footwear.



No extreme hair cuts… for example gelled, waxed, streaked, stepped, spiked, shaved/patterned, bleached, coloured or tinted styles are not allowed. 



No jewellery should be worn except for plain studs if ears are pierced jewellery should not be worn for any PE lessons Hair Long hair (on the shoulders) should be tied back.



Stapleford Red plain PE T-Shirt (no Logo) Navy Blue or black Shorts (Navy Blue Jogging Bottoms may be worn for Games) Black Plimsolls or Trainers (for Games)  

Please Note: Children should have separate kit for football. Normal football kits are allowed. Football boots must have round studs (blades are not allowed). Children should wear shin pads For matches against other teams, a Stapleford sports kit is given to the team members. 


School Uniform Supplier

School uniform can be purchased from Price Buckland.

If you would like to purchase second hand uniform please speak to the school office.



Winter Uniform 

Winter uniform is worn from November to Easter 

All children

Navy Blue Stapleford Sweatshirt or cardigan

White Shirt or White Polo shirt,

Grey trousers (no jogging bottoms), skirt or pinafore

Plain or grey socks or  grey or blue tights

Black school shoes, no sports trainers.


Summer Uniform 

Summer uniform is worn from Easter to November 

All Children

Navy Blue Stapleford Sweatshirt or cardigan

White Shirt or White Polo Shirt,

Grey Trousers / Grey Shorts (no jogging bottoms),
grey skirt/pinafore or blue checked summer dress 

White, grey or black socks, grey/blue tights

Black shoes. 


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