Small Grains

Stapleford Primary School is passionate about the arts: always keen to develop our established offer and curriculum design through collaboration and partnerships to facilitate a richer provision. The opportunity to work with Stapleford Granary was whole-heartedly welcomed and testament to the value we place on creativity and cultural learning.
‘What happens when a primary school works closely with an Arts Centre?’ We placed this simple question at the heart of a pilot project. Every week, classes from Stapleford Primary School walk from the school to Stapleford Granary (an Arts Centre) to experience inspiring artistic and creative activities. Over 12 months, Stapleford Granary devised a series of what we hoped would be inspiring and participatory projects based around the constantly changing cultural programme at the
 Granary. Highly varied, these include watching theatrical shows, listening to live music, singing, playing rhythm games, meeting artists and experts, looking at exhibitions, painting, sketching, printing,
model making and exploring the world around us.
We delivered each individual project to every year group.  We are seeing the powerful effects of regular interaction between an Arts Centre and a primary school, and we see its impact stretching across the community.
We would like to thank Kate Romano, CEO at Stapleford Granary for her passion and commitment to this Pilot project and we feel privileged to have been involved in this rewarding and impactful project.  We look forward to sharing our report from one year of work with colleagues across Trust schools and nationally with Arts Centres.




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Stapleford Community Primary School, Bar Lane, Stapleford, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 5BJ

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